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Evil Genius Parent Award #30 – Eurovision

Here’s a little background on Evil Genius Mum: I come from a long line of musicians. Talented musicians. Very talented.  My only saving grace: the ‘music genes’ are usually accompanied by the ‘maths genes’. … Nope I’m screwed on that front too. But, it appears that Sinister and Nefarious have inherited the […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #28

Damn it. I have an awesome recipient this week and have not been able to find details for the recipient. Following on from Free Comic Book Day, I have a lot of admiration for families that cosplay together. They can really capture the vibe of a day by participating and […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #26

Recently, I have been asked what the criteria is for the infamous Evil Genius Parent Award.    To be honest, it’s purely subjective – and so it should be. It’s not like I’m going to be offering a democracy when I take over the world.    But I do like […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #25

I came across a Letter of Resignation this week that had me pause and appreciate the evolutionary power of a very evil genius parent. One that almost every other human parent will face, if not fear, at some stage in their parenting role. Head Lice. This simple little creature has bettered one […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #23 – Sex

Yep. This week is about sex. I have not laughed so hard as I did reading not one, but TWO blog posts featuring sex. That is not to be misinterpreted as a reflection on EG Dad, but more like parenting in  general. Especially with kids. And the hormonally imbalanced (read: yep, […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #22

Ssssshhhhhh. Last week was locked up in the Evil Genius dungeon. This week isn’t looking much better. My attempts at meteor-collision with Earth failed. EG Dad is being all understanding and compassionate. And even the spawnlings’ teachers are telling me how fantastic, mature, and responsible they are at school/preschool. With […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #20

You are all pathetic. Seriously – are you on your best behaviour this week or what? I haven’t heard of a single example of awesome evil parenting all week. Given, I’ve been sick – but C’MON!! You all REEK with potential. Now get your butts and do something about it. […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #14

There is only so much “Cars” story-telling I can take. EG Dad says “Cars 2” is just as bad, even if it is about spies and big badda-booms. However, there are limited CDs that EG Inc can agree on for the car. In fact, it’s a toss-up between the torture […]