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Evil Genius Parent Award #23 – Sex

Yep. This week is about sex.

I have not laughed so hard as I did reading not one, but TWO blog posts featuring sex.

That is not to be misinterpreted as a reflection on EG Dad, but more like parenting in  general.

Especially with kids. And the hormonally imbalanced (read: yep, still preggers).

So this week’s award goes to Crappy Pictures – a blog I’m sure most of you are aware of. And if you’re not – go there now, and familiarise yourself.

Particularly the art (and it IS an art) of obtaining quickies. This is an important skill for any Evil Genius Parent Wannabe – if you can’t have quickies, you can’t create even more spawnlings for

  1. Taking over the world; and
  2. Personal entertainment (when they one day try to outsmart each other).

The thing is that quickies can be rather elusive, except for the more… opportunistic:


Kids are entertained for all of 30 seconds…. QUICKIE!!


However, the advice from Crappy Mama is made even more poignant when added to the advice given by Bruce over at Big Family, Little Income. Take note of #6 and #10 in his archived blog post of 10 Tips for New Parents.

Now, stop reading and go grab that window. Even if the window is the big fake one allowing your kids to ‘see’ into the world shiny, moving pictures.


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