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I lost my Mojo

I lost my mojo.

Somewhere around December 2012. Between upchucking and being pissed off with the world.

I remember working really hard at keeping up my search for Evil Genius Parents; acknowledging their inspiring work and sharing it with all of you.

But as each week passed, I kept facing more and more ugliness in the world. More chaos where ugly ‘things’ were acting way outside the world order I intended. It wasn’t around every corner, but it was enough to tarnish the great work out there by loyal minions like yourself.

Malala in Pakistan (though that started in October).

The Steubenville Case.

The Gang Rape-Murder in India.

All this while navigating the perils of all-day sickness (there is a whole new level of dungeons for the sick bastard who came up with the term “Morning Sickness”). Already tired and feeling like utter crap, and then hearing discussion about people who are seriously so much worse off than myself – and not yet having the power to change that!

But the frustration came from some of the social commentary.

Some people came out saying that we should lock up our daughters and keep them safe from men like that.

Others claimed we should teach our sons not to be “that guy”, like they were inherently bad and had to overcome that to be good men.

Then there were articles about things mothers should teach their sons, as if this is the only way stop the Ugly in the World.

Now, this may all seem a little out of character – especially for an Evil Genius Mum. Exactly what type of world am I trying to construct for my little spawnlings?

I want a world where technology is worshiped for the power that it inspires.

I want a world where children are encouraged experiment with their boundaries and explore the world around them.

I want a world where parents are not trying to conform kids for the convenience of both time and social status.

I want a world where each person is seen for the potential they have to be world leaders in their own way.

I want a world where superheroes are read about in comic books, but live in our regular world too.

I want a world where the myopia of gender, race, religion, or scientific theory are not used as power struggles with violence – but instead are seen as tools to create my greater visionary world.

My biggest challenge, as an Evil Genius Mum of boys, is to ensure that our sons maintain their robust confidence and curious sense of adventure. Yes, they will dominate the world, but Evil Genius Inc is not out to destroy the world. What’s the point of taking over the world if you have no intention of keeping your toy to play with?

So here’s my suggestion on making everyone feel a little better. Settle the minions. Quash the rebellion. Help get my mojo back.

I’m going to share a story of the innate goodness of my spawnlings. I’m going to start off a chain sharing positive stories about the goodness of people.

I know, I know – this is definitely outside the scope of Evil Genius Mum. But I don’t care.

I’ll share my first story in the comments. It’s not supposed to make you go “Awww. That’s so sweet.” or any soft, mushy, crap like that. Instead, my intent is to share stories that make you go “Yeah. That’s the type of person I want taking over the world. I would follow this person into the next generation of genius”.

Share this around. Share the link. Share your stories.

This blog is purely a hobby. An outlet for writing. I’m not making a profit. I’m not seeking sponsorship. I just want to change the world – I’m so pissed off with it as it is. And many see that as the first sign of an Evil Genius.

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  1. Here’s my first share: Sinister walks home from school a few days each week. Last week, he was late home one day. When he did come home, S told me he had gone via his friend’s house to grab the friend’s mum. Seems his friend was sick and needed help getting home. Sinister than said he was going back to check on his friend and make sure he had made it home safely.

    Sinister is 6 – soon to be 7. Home is all of 7mins from school, but being late is still a worry. But he did the right thing – he helped a friend. And followed up. That friend now knows that he can trust Sinister completely and will follow him everywhere. Sounds like a perfect Chief Henchman in Training to me.


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