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Ant-Man and The Wasp (Review)

Let’s be honest: I’m still recovering from Avengers: Infinity War (A: IW). Given I only saw A: IW a couple of weeks ago, it is still fresh in my mind. I, like many others, am desperate for a feel-good movie. Something to lighten the emotional weight now resting on my […]

Making Patterns Out Of Chaos

For years, I’ve been blaming the wrong person.  For years, I have been teasing EG Dad about his need for structure and order. Clearly, our 17 years of non-fatal co-habitation shows he has mellowed over time, which has been good for him. Because there are very few neat-freak, organised perfectionists […]

EG Parent Award #55

Good morning and Happy Mother’s Day, you evil genius mothers. Every last one of you.  Special call out to Anna Weatherup who received this:    (As seen here) I don’t know what you did to earn these beauties, but I want to.

EG Parent Award #51

Hmm. Been awhile. Again. Well, when you have the choice between blog and sleep – ZZZZZZZZZZ Since EG Lair became a crucible for mixing together every fraking childhood illness in the immediate area, sleep has become that rare commodity I would ransom the moon for. At first, I was stunned […]

EG Parent Award #50

To be an EG Parent, you have to stay one step ahead of the spawnlings. Sometimes it helps to build upon your experiences with Evil Genius siblings. Now, I have already shared with you my own sibling shitheadedness here however this week’s champ has definitely upped the ante. She brings […]

EGP Award #48

Being an Evil Genius Parent is hard work. And sometimes, it’s the EG Parenting part that wears you out. Constantly thinking of entertainment that doesn’t lead to scorched earth and decontamination suits. So Award #48 (because let’s face it – my weekly updates have been a bit outside of … […]