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EGP Award #47 – Stan Lee

To be an Evil Genius, parent or otherwise, you need vision. You need to be able to predict the future, by understanding human behaviour and knowing how to manipulate them. As a parent, this is ESPECIALLY important. Think back to all the times your mum busted you just as you […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #45

The greatest parenting advice ever given to me was from EG Opa: Make sure your kids believe you are capable of anything. An-ny-thing. Coming from a man with a State Champ Black Belt in Karate, I definitely believed he could do anything. Protector and chief strategist; I know he would […]

I lost my Mojo

I lost my mojo. Somewhere around December 2012. Between upchucking and being pissed off with the world. I remember working really hard at keeping up my search for Evil Genius Parents; acknowledging their inspiring work and sharing it with all of you. But as each week passed, I kept facing […]