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EGP Award #47 – Stan Lee

To be an Evil Genius, parent or otherwise, you need vision.

You need to be able to predict the future, by understanding human behaviour and knowing how to manipulate them. As a parent, this is ESPECIALLY important. Think back to all the times your mum busted you just as you were finishing the last knot tying your sister to the bed head…

No? That was just me?

That’s what makes me Evil Genius Mum.

And that’s what makes Stan Lee, Stan “The Man” Lee.


EG Inc met with this strapping young man at Supa Nova on the weekend. He’s 91 – and far more quick-witted than many my age, let alone his.

More on Supa Nova later.

Anywho, Sinister and Nefarious had the opportunity to ask a few questions:

Who’s your favourite, after Spiderman? Can’t choose but has a soft spot for Dr Strange

Do you still read comics? Not as much as he wants to

If you could say anything to DC about their movies, what would it be?

Well, they will never be as good as Marvel. But there is one thing that would give them a boost – give me a cameo. No one would believe it until they could see it. That’s how our Marvel Movies make all their money – with me!!

What’s your favourite movie? Loves Iron Man but really enjoyed his cameo in the Spider-Man reboot

At this point, Stan turned to me and said “you guys are doing a great job parenting. Long day, but your three look like they’re still having fun. Are you teaching them all about comics?”

Of course, Stan. There’s so much fun in that!

“Good. That keeps my empire going for another generation.

And THAT, minions, is how you become an Evil Genius. Create something so damn awesome, it spans generations.


* Evil Genius Mum – Stan Lee approved

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