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Evil Genius Parent Awards – Rules

Welcome to the Evil Genius Parent Awards – a weekly ‘nod’ to Evil Genius Parenting everywhere!

Each Monday night, I will announce an Evil Genius Parent. A parent (or honourary parent) worthy of great mention. Why Monday night? Monday is the most evil day of the week!

What are we looking for? Anything that makes us go “AW MAN!! THAT’S EEEEEE-VAAAALLLL!!”

To be considered for the award, bring it to my attention in one of the following ways:

Since we announce the Evil Parent Award on Monday night, all entries must be received and laughed at by Sunday night.

Competition is not limited to parenting – any display of Evil Genius will do – but parenting is a refined art, so Evil Genius Parenting gets more attention.

Also, you don’t have to be a parent. What’s the point of being an Evil Genius if you’re going around following rules all the time? Be awesome enough and we’ll just make you an honourary parent… you can adopt a minion, or something.

Only definite expectation – don’t go hurting people. I need able bodies to recruit for world domination. Zombies are a tad 2010.

Minion Musings:

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