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What makes an Evil Genius Mum?

You know that feeling…

When you are absolutely thrilled to have your own little spawnling to share your geeky interests with;

When you are absolutely exhausted with your spawnling sharing their interests with you;

When you are honoured to partake in the responsibility of educating the next generation in their social responsibilities;

When you are frustrated as you are corrected once again by a pedantic spawnling who is also frustrated with your inability to recall every element on the Periodic Table at 3 o’clock in the morning;

When you are excited to prepare your spawnlings for the world they will one day inherit, in all its splendid and flawed glory;

And most of all, when you are determined to give them a better world to inherit.

And if that means taking it over in the meantime, then so be it.

This is my blog. It’s not your standard parenting blog because I am yet to meet a ‘standard’ parent.

This, my dear minions, is a blog for being an Evil Genius Parent. It is about being a geek, and sharing your passion with other geeks (including your spawnlings). It is about sharing ideas for taking over the world, and reshaping it into a better model to hand down to the spawnlings.

Sometimes I’m funny. The secret of being an evil genius is having a sense of humour.

Sometimes I’m serious. The world can be a messed up place; sometimes you need to address the issues head-on before you can hand the broken mess on to the next generation.

Most of all, I am just sharing information. Social commentary, reviews, and event information. If knowledge is power, then dissemination is the rebellion.

Otherwise, my regular updates include:

  • Taking over the World (One Story At a Time)
  • Evil Genius Tools – Anything that simply adds to your Evil Genius resume;
  • Managing Evil Genius Inc – stories on how I manage the EG Family;
  • Secret Lair Upgrades – all the new toys I want in my Evil Underground Lair;
  • Evil Genius Curriculum – anything that adds to the education of the spawnlings (like Forensic Fridays).


My kids: Let’s call them Sinister, Nefarious, and Zaltu.

  • Sinister is now 16yo and loves creating and anything to do with the oceans.
  • Nefarious is now 13yo and is a scientist. He wants to save the planet AND figure out a way to get the hell off it.
  • Zaltu is now 9yo and is focused on experiencing EVERYTHING life has to offer.

Each is an evil genius in their own right. So, if you can’t beat them… Who am I kidding? I can beat them.

I’m Evil Genius Mum.

Sit back. Relax. Pour me a cup of tea. And meet your future world leader… to hold in trust for the kids, right!

If you’re looking to contact me, email me:


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