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EGP Award #48

Being an Evil Genius Parent is hard work.

And sometimes, it’s the EG Parenting part that wears you out. Constantly thinking of entertainment that doesn’t lead to scorched earth and decontamination suits.

So Award #48 (because let’s face it – my weekly updates have been a bit outside of … weekly) is aimed squarely at what we need to regain our creative EG Parent juices.

And it’s a trip to Taiwan.


This came up on my radar via Raising Geeklings, but it was Huff Post who caught my attention with this description.

There Is A Batman Hotel Room Out There, And It’s Only $50 To Stay …

Ok, so it’s not really a hotel… it’s a motel.

And it’s not really $50 per night… it’s $50 for three hours.

Yeah, it’s one of those motel rooms. *grin*

At first I thought, yeah – the spawnlings would love that, even for 3 hours.

Then EG Dad reminded me – babysitter for 3hrs is so worth it.

What would be your ideal geeky motel room?


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