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Doctor Who: It’s About Time Again


Image courtesy of BBC

I finally made time to sit down and watch the return of Doctor Who tonight. It’s the middle of school holidays here, with a gazillion things flying around our haphazardly scheduled lives. It would take a TARDIS with a bonus K-9 to find a spare moment for all of us to be together to watch our favourite television show.

Short summary: It was worth the effort and the delay.

This is something that has been building with anticipation for quite some time now. We’ve been over-analysing logos, and reading up on every piece of Doctor Who literature we could find. And yes, we have been revisiting a few old classics to fill the time.

Tonight’s episode? Loved it. Really really enjoyed it. The new Doctor is brilliant as she learns about herself and balances all of her history. The new companions are warm and curious, with plenty of questions. Always a good thing. And the story was easy-going, with little distraction from the integral set-up required for the first episode of a new Doctor Who.

So let’s deal with the pink elephant in the middle of the room.

Yes. The Doctor is Now Female.

And you want to know something? It was not a big deal, as per the storytelling itself. The Doctor is still The Doctor. She is still doing everything The Doctor has done previously: Turning up and fixing it.

The big deal was in the lead-up. Hell yes, I have been a huge Jodie Whittaker supporter. I LOVE the opportunity for females to see themselves in the role as well. And for anyone who argues about needing to keep the male role model for boys, let me just share some words from EG Nefarious (possibly the second biggest Whovian in the family):

“Oh yeah. That’s still The Doctor.”

And that was it. No more discussion. He simply loved the whole episode. All three spawnlings loved the episode.

Which leads me to this our youngest spawnling, Zaltu. Our little geek who is still trying to find her feet in the world. The smallest yet mightiest of the spawnlings who often feels torn between her love for Sylveon (pink ribbons and all) and her desire everyone last one of us with Link’s Master Sword.

This spawnling whispered to me:

“My turn, mum. Now I can cosplay as my Doctor.”

I still think she made a pretty kick-arse River Song but I am looking forward to the next opportunity.

Doctor Who Limited Edition Barbie

Speaking of which, I am buying this for her Solstice present in December: Doctor Who Limited Edition Barbie.


Image courtesy of BBC

Now, there are many mixed views on Barbie and the appropriateness of image portrayal for young kids. I’ll be honest with you: I too am mixed in my feelings.

On one hand, I hate the whole idea of presenting women like pretty things with little substance. On the other hand, I still remember playing with my Rocker Barbie when I was 9-years-old because Barbie was the only doll/humanoid toy I could find as a tangible connection to my father’s music profession. For that alone, Mattel and Barbie have always been pretty good at offering Barbie dolls across various professions and geekdoms.

Zaltu still loves her Batgirl Barbie and has been known to linger around the Wonder Woman Barbie and NASA Barbie in various stores. I know the Doctor Who Barbie isn’t solely aimed at 5-year-old Whovians but for us, it will be a nice tie-in to a television show we love as a family. A tangible connection for our geekdom.

The Doctor Who Barbie doll is offered all around the world through various outlets. In Australia, it is exclusively available through EB Games and Zing Pop Culture. Pre-sale starts today so head in and chat with your local today (Tuesday 9 October, 2018).

Total disclaimer: I have received no benefit or bonuses or payment for telling you about this. Once again, I’m just enjoying sharing the news with you … even if I do have to line-up like all you other minions.


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