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Evil Genius Tool #4 – Easter Egg Hunts

I’ll be honest with you – we don’t celebrate Easter, per se.

For Evil Genius Inc, it’s a 4-day long Festival of Chocolate. A long weekend of sleep and chocolate.

The only thing we truly consider worthy of celebrating is the honorary sleep-in that EG Dad and I score on Sunday morning – thanks to some prior planning on our side.

Sinister and Nefarious have a pretty good understanding of the various festivals at this time of year. They know about seasonal festivities, about ‘breeding like rabbits’ (thanks to some dumb neighbour releasing their ‘pets’ into the neighbourhood), and they understand that chocolate puts EG Mum in a better mood, which puts EG Dad in a better mood (however, the co-relation is not directly understood … as yet).

But the only thing that 6yo Sinister and 3yo Nefarious truly care about at this age is – The Easter Egg Hunt.

So this is the plan for our Saturday night and Sunday morning:

These are the eggs the spawnlings ‘happened to see’ around the house:

photo 1

These aren’t the Eggs you are looking for…

This is the area we have for hiding eggs:

photo 3

And THESE are the eggs that will be hidden in the area on Saturday night:

photo 2

Guaranteed extra 30mins to 1 hour sleep in on Sunday morning.

If you REALLY can’t sleep in during this time, or if your existence sucks enough that you HAVE to wake up early on Sunday morning to hide the eggs, this will at least guarantee you the peaceful enjoyment of your cuppa tea/coffee. Maybe even two.

Go check the stash. Look for green Easter Eggs, or green wrapping paper.

Have none? Saturday should still have shops open to buy some supplies.

Trust me – the tranquility with that cuppa is so worth it. Just make sure you remember where you hid them.

Thank me when I take over the world. Easter Egg Hunts like this will be compulsory.


Have a better example of Evil Genius Parenting? Share it here or on the Facebook page by Sunday night and I’ll consider it for and EG Parent Award.



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  1. Green eggs! That is truly a stroke of genius. I love it. I’m going to try hard to find me some of those gems tomorrow when I battle the hordes, and be sure to eradicate secret dog poo stashes from the garden. That could thwart the sleep in if they stumble on one of those.


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