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One Twitch At A Time

I can’t even blame this one on the spawnlings. About a month ago, I developed a twitch in my left eye-lid.  Just a small little spasm. A little involuntary movement, too small for anyone to see but enough to BUG THE ABSOLUTE S#!T OUT OF ME!! *sigh* At the time, […]

Sacrifice to Chocolate Gods

Ugh. I feel so crappy lately. It’s hard taking over the world when you are struggling to conquer your own parental guilt. I’ve been so focused on getting the spawnlings through the school term (with chest infections and teething nights and stuff) – I forgot to keep the fun in […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #39

Our spawnlings, Sinister (7) and Nefarious (4) are still a little young for Alien. Pity. Because we’re in the final month of #3’s tenancy and I’m feeling more and more like this: Now, being an Evil Genius is hard work. Some may consider it easier when you look like you […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #22

Ssssshhhhhh. Last week was locked up in the Evil Genius dungeon. This week isn’t looking much better. My attempts at meteor-collision with Earth failed. EG Dad is being all understanding and compassionate. And even the spawnlings’ teachers are telling me how fantastic, mature, and responsible they are at school/preschool. With […]