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One Twitch At A Time

I can’t even blame this one on the spawnlings.

About a month ago, I developed a twitch in my left eye-lid. 

Just a small little spasm. A little involuntary movement, too small for anyone to see but enough to BUG THE ABSOLUTE S#!T OUT OF ME!!

At the time, I had started drinking coffee again – after giving it up for the last 7 years. Breastfeeding and babies and caffeine and whatnot. Taking up the habit again, I started with just a latte in the morning.

Slowly it built up – one more at lunchtime. One more in the afternoon. Less latte, more flat white.

And then the twitch started.

And it bugged me. 

Oh my chocolate deities, did it bug me. 

I would sit there, resting my open palm over my twitching my eye. Putting the slightest pressure on the spasm. Trying various temperatures and ideas, hoping for relief.



Okay, okay. Breathe. 

The obvious culprit: Coffee.

Or was it just the easiest target?

Forgive me, fellow coffee drinkers. It has been one month since my last coffee. And I was wrong.


So I’m thinking of drowning my sorrows in a flat white tomorrow morning.

Of course, EG Dad thinks I haven’t cut out enough caffeine. He suggested cutting out chocolate too.

The Funeral is on Thursday. Please give chocolate and coffee in lieu of flowers. It’s what he would have wanted.

What’s your sure-fire tip for an eye twitch? Share it in the comments below, and the one that works will win my favour for a week.

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  1. Blepharospasm sounds more evil…. I get it when I haven’t had enough sleep. Like after those nights the spawnlings alternately need a drink, need to pee, need a cuddle, lose their Snuggy bear, want the audiobook on- no wait, I dont like that story…and then Daddy starts snoring. Oh wait, that’s every night. I hope you get relief soon.


    1. OMG!! You live in our home?!? I’ve never seen you here, what with the blepharospasm (I like this new word – Thanks!).

      Oh wait, your home too? Solidarity, sister. Damn spawnlings. I’m surprised it’s just our eyes twitching…


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