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Evil Genius Parent Award #22


Last week was locked up in the Evil Genius dungeon.

This week isn’t looking much better.

My attempts at meteor-collision with Earth failed.

EG Dad is being all understanding and compassionate.

And even the spawnlings’ teachers are telling me how fantastic, mature, and responsible they are at school/preschool. With sincerity.

DanaeI think my world is falling apart. I think I need some cuddle time with my Danae T-shirt on the couch.

But what’s a girl to do when she hits that couch?

Enter: Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum.

AKA – Lori. Fellow Evil Parent – who’s evil this week is in the simple beauty of encouraging another parent (read: ME) to sit on her arse and eat something sinfully delicious.

Not evil enough for you? I don’t care. I have my feet up, in my Danae pink-heart-and-skull t-shirt, watching replays of Jennifer Lawrence falling up stairs, and eating chocolate Philly frosting straight from the tub.

Ooooooooh. You know what? I reckon I can feel my EG-ness coming back. Slowly. Might need another tub.

RRSAHMCheck out Lori at RRSAHM. She’s an awesome parent – has her moments of being amazingly cool to her kids, and then does something so ridiculously evil that I almost love her. Almost. Evil Genius’ don’t love.

Well. Except for chocolate. And World Domination. (now say that again in a Miss Congeniality voice).

What’s your re-boot treat? Straight single-malt scotch? Dark chocolate dipped strawberries? Making fun of Oscar dresses (that’s a bit easy at times). 

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