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Evil Genius Parent Award #21

I promised you a great award this week and I *usually* deliver on my promises. Most times.

At least I am this time.

This special award is this week awarded to Shae’s Mum. Shae is a blogger over at Free Range in Suburbia. Shae is pretty cool and has some very creative ideas to bring out the evil genius in  both her parenting and her spawnlings.

But last week, Shae shared a beautiful story of exactly where she gets her ‘evil genius parenting’ from – and possibly any chance of melodrama-gene in her kids.

Now, anyone out there have a drama-queen spawnling? Want to know a great way to deal with their hypochondria?

Shae – Unfortunately not the EGP Award recipient. More like the EGP Award Victim.


“One time I was complaining of feeling unwell and Mum said that my hypochondria must have been flaring up.

My ears pricked up. Oooooh! I have a legit illness!”


For the full re-telling, read Shae’s fantastic blog post here.

Shae also has a Facebook page and is on Twitter with some funny tidbits. Head over and say hi from me. Do it now. 

BTW: Shae’s mum is visiting Shae this week. There’s gotta be some more juicy tidbits coming up. Bring it on!!


Has your parent ever used EG parenting on you? Share your most embarrassing and/or hilarious moment here!! Best story wins a blanky to hide under. 

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