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Evil Genius Parent Award #20

You are all pathetic.

Seriously – are you on your best behaviour this week or what? I haven’t heard of a single example of awesome evil parenting all week. Given, I’ve been sick – but C’MON!! You all REEK with potential. Now get your butts and do something about it.

*sigh* In the meantime, I’ve at least been given an example of evil genius in a child, so that you know what you’re in for with your own spawnlings.

This lovely story comes from Dominique F., long-time friend and fan of EG Mum. So she should be.

Now Dominique has her own style of evil genius, and I swear this has only been cultivated by her family. This particular story is a perfect example, and why you should be very careful how you word things around potential Evil Genius Spawnlings…IMG_2424

Way back when Dominique was around 4 or so, she was learning to write her own name (a bit like Nefarious at the moment). It was the same time that her older sister was also writing her own name everywhere.

Now Grandad, in his infinite wisdom (rest his soul) had told Big Sis not to write her name on the wall – because then he will know it is her and she will be in trouble. Big Sis, in her OWN infinite wisdom, then shared this warning with Dominique.

Later that day, Grandad walks in to find Big Sis’ name scrawled across the wall. Of course, Big Sis is brought in front of Judge and Jury and chastised accordingly, despite her please of innocence. Grandad responds with “Well who else would have done it? Dominique?”


Just to prove a point to Big Sis, Grandad proceeds to ask Dominique if she wrote on the wall.


What?! Well, why did you write Big Sis’ name?

“Because you said if I wrote my own name, you would know it was me and I would be in trouble. This way, I’m not in trouble.”

Can’t argue with that logic.

Rest assured, Dominique is not an Evil Genius Parent. She’s worse.

She’s an Evil Genius Aunt.

Now get with the Evil Genius Parenting!!

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  1. And of course AFTER posting this, I now have an excellent example of evil genius parenting! Cut-off time is Sunday night, so it’s just going to have to wait until next week. And it’s worth waiting for… Stay tuned!!


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