Evil Genius Parent Award #19

Mother       of            LEGO.

I just found another piece on the floor – with my foot.

Sinister's LEGO Dalek

Sinister’s LEGO Dalek
“Extort! EXTORT!!”

I completely respect the idea of creative (evil) genius. I love the battle droids that Sinister has been building all school holidays. I love the mini daleks that surrounded the table. I love the armoury, purposely built by Nefarious for his ninjas.

But I hate trying to get them to clean it up afterwards. I would do anything, including bribery and blackmail, to make that job easier for me.

Enter: The Tooth Fairy.

Neither of my spawnlings are yet to lose any baby-teeth. But I am so keeping this card up my sleeve.

You may have seen it journey around the webz already – One of my loyal spawnlings, Glenn D., shuffled it in my direction this past week, and I found the original Evil Genius Parent here: Non-Stop Mom.

The response to this letter has completely amazed the original author, to the point where she has blogged a reply to some comments she has read around the place.

If you’re going down the path of Tooth Fairies, and other mythical creatures for childhood manipulation memories, then I say you’ll appreciate this beauty as well.

If only to get the damn LEGO off the floor.

What bribe will the Tooth Fairy use in your house?

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