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One Rainy Day at a Time

I have received reports from minions in Queensland, Australia. Reports of extreme weather. I would love to claim credit for weather control, but alas – this one is natural causes.

At the same time, minions in the UK are having extreme cold. What’s the point of these? Both sets of minions have included pleas for help: from their own spawnlings!!

Now, COME ON!! So the electricity is cut! Whoopy-di-doo!! You’re not going to let a little electricity shortage allow your spawnlings to get the better of you?!? What type of “evil genius parent” in training are you?!?

Rainy/Snowed in days are the perfect opportunity to encourage a little lateral thinking and creative genius in your spawnlings (and yourself). All it takes is a little ingenuity to add an evil twist.

Masking Tape Car Track

I don’t even remember where I first saw this one, but I have found a link for a great reference: The Mother Huddle.

Now, if you really want to make it interesting. Do you have any monsters around? Dinosaurs? Introduce your spawnlings to the idea of Godzilla!!

Paddle-Pop Stick Puppets

Buffy fans, rejoice! Here’s a great way to introduce your kids Mutant Enemy Productions and the magic of Joss Whedon.

Take a couple of paddle-pop/ice-block sticks and glue on your own puppet design. Start with any cut-out pictures from colouring books. You can even use any drawings your spawnlings have done for a few days.

Table Tents

A little while back, I shared a link on my Facebook page for a new addition to the humble Dining Table.

Simply awesome. Perfect if you spawnlings like to sit on quiet days by themselves. Instructions at Joyful Abode.

In EG Lair, we are more inclined to throw a sheet over the table and create “man-caves” or “mini evil lairs”. Such places have encouraged the conception of evil plans likes ‘sneak attacks on EG Dad at his computer’, or ‘stealing the last 6 biscuits from EG Mum’s stash’. Obviously, with these results, Table Tents are used as a last resort. The minute the big sheets come out, the spawnlings know that mischief will now ensue.

Any other ideas for how to manage your spawnlings ‘evil genius’ potential on electricity-free days? Share the pain here in the comments, or on my Facebook page.

And just remember where they got the Evil Genius from. 😉





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