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Evil Genius Parent Award #18

Have you ever stopped and wondered about the life skills you are teaching your spawnlings?

Basic life skills that every one learns during their young formative years. Walking. Talking. Big-Baby-Eyes at grandparents. Framing siblings for obvious misdemeanors.

What about wartime strategy? Yeah, that is definitely up there for any aspiring Evil Genius. If you want to defeat any wannabe State Leaders, you need to know how to Make Them Cry.

Chubba over at Tacklenappy has shared a very detailed war-time account on the most common battle of all: Meal times.

Any good parent encourages their child to negotiate, discuss, and even barter with alternative foods during mealtime. Even more extraordinary if the parent has managed to achieve this with an 18mth old child and can retell the story to friends with a straight face.

I prefer aspiring Evil Genius Parents. They are the ones who continue to incite their young spawnlings to push farther, harder – using all weapons available in their arsenal. And then show the young ‘uns that NOTHING compares to the wily experience of the parents who spawned them.

*sigh* I’m really looking forward to breakfast now.



PS> Extra note about Tacklenappy: Set up by a pair of mates, who also have a radio show and a regularly updated Facebook page. Be forewarned – their Facebook page comes with MANY dad jokes. The ultimate weapon.

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