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Evil Genius Parent Award #17

My spawnlings are boys. Very boyish boys. Noise with dirt. Not afraid to attempt total annihilation.

However, gender doesn’t really have a lot to do with it. Mainly because I was pretty much the same around that age.

So I’ve been told. Me – I remember being an absolute delight, full of fairy floss and unicorns, with rainbow ponytails.

Now, I have been told parenting girls requires a whole new level of evil genius. Especially in the world of sex.

Enter this week’s Evil Genius Parenting Award recipient: The Mother of Anna L., blogger at My Life and Kids.

Anna has provided a list on How to Keep Your Daughter a Virgin by the Age of 18. Thanks to the efforts of her mother.

Apparently, according to a quick poll by the males in the room, this list is pretty effective. At least during high school.

So parents, if you want to practice evil genius parenting on the safe sex front, check out Anna and her blog: My Life and Kids.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to protect your precious spawnlings. Share them here or on Facebook!

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