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Never Wake a Sleeping Dragon

Order! All rise! Parenting Court is now in session!! Presiding Judge is Her Honour, Judge Judgey McJudge (of the renowned Bee-yatch clan). You may now be seated. I am typing this from the front seat of my Harley Quinn truck family car. 5 mins before arriving at the shopping centre, […]

We Have A Tooth

Hey World Leaders! Want to know how to defeat an Evil Genius? Give them a baby. *sigh* No. Not defeated. But damn it’s hard to write a blog post about world domination when you’re seriously considering how to steal a hyperdrive to get off the planet. I don’t know how […]

Only the Brave Sleep here…

Only the brave sleep in our Evil Lair. And with YOUNG spawnlings, we don’t usually sleep well. Although… APPARENTLY – I fell asleep on the couch this afternoon. Whilst breastfeeding Zaltu. I say apparently, because I was only made aware of it when the spawnlings woke me. So, apparently, I […]