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We Have A Tooth

Hey World Leaders! Want to know how to defeat an Evil Genius?

Give them a baby.


No. Not defeated. But damn it’s hard to write a blog post about world domination when you’re seriously considering how to steal a hyperdrive to get off the planet.

I don’t know how some EG Parents do it. Between Nefarious laying out the LEGO minefield; Sinister’s Chainmail of Doom Loom; and Zaltu being … Well, a baby – my lair is more messy than ominous!

And now we have The Tooth. I have no scientific proof that teething is a genuine symptom producing torture chamber of baby experiences. But damned if I’m going to be a teething toy!

The drool – oh the drool!! The Lair flooded last week, but that’s nothing compared to the drool!


The gnawing – and EG Dad, don’t even think about touching my nipples. They’re two steps away from turning into Fembot Tommy Guns!


And of course broken sleep. If I have to choose between sleep and world domination, then I …


What teething symptoms do you think could be used as torture methods?

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