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Only the Brave Sleep here…

Only the brave sleep in our Evil Lair.

And with YOUNG spawnlings, we don’t usually sleep well.


APPARENTLY – I fell asleep on the couch this afternoon. Whilst breastfeeding Zaltu.

I say apparently, because I was only made aware of it when the spawnlings woke me.

I WAS asleep...

I WAS asleep…

So, apparently, I fell asleep not long after Sinister came home from school. Just long enough for me to direct him to the fridge for his afternoon tea and start feeding Zaltu.

Not long enough to stay awake.

It’s a very VERY comfy couch. And I strongly suspect that Zaltu is going through a growth spurt because she is feeding a lot, all the time.

Oh man, I HOPE this is a growth spurt and not her new routine to cope for the other two returning to school…

The good news is that Zaltu slept the whole time, on my lap. The spawnlings fed themselves from the fridge (and left me the dodgy junk food – nice). They entertained themselves. And they let me sleep. How sweet is that!

The bad news – they didn’t once take advantage of the situation. No hands in bowls of water. No raiding the chocolate. Not even a single mustache hair drawn on my face.

Obviously, returning to mainstream school is a bad influence on them. What kind of spawnlings am I raising here?!?

Have you ever fallen asleep with the spawnlings roaming free in the house? Did your lair survive the onslaught?

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