Evil Genius Parent Award #42

Sinister is back at school on Wednesday. Nefarious starts next Monday.

And I’ll be left alone with Zaltu. The Goddess of Strife herself.

All 5 months of her.

So of course, I started looking at Mummy-and-Me classes. Let’s see what’s available in our area:

101 Baby Electronics? Nope

Baby Bounce-off-the-Walls? Not yet

Dancetime (BYO Torture Tutus)? Teacher is still on stress leave for another 3 months.

And it appears I’m not the only one having trouble finding the right class. Dani over at Cloudy with a Chance of Wine has hit her quota of crappy kids classes.

She has 10 reasons why Mummy-and-Me classes suck. #6 sings to my dark, dark, soul.

Reminds me of the hell I went through with Sinister and Nefarious.

But honestly, it’s pretty equal on the level of Evil Genius Monologue Torture. Classes, or stay home with Zaltu?

I reckon I can handle the class if we can wear one of these:

Pirate Tutu

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