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EG Parent Award #59 – My Lil’ Pumpkin

Halloween is just around the corner. Seriously. It’s like Saturday. This Saturday. If you haven’t organised yourself yet, you’re kind of in trouble. Or super-relaxed. In which case, I like your style. Pumpkin carving, however, is one of those Halloweeny things you really should have thought of earlier. Because now you’re tight on […]

EGP Award #49

Has it really been that long? Have my plans for world domination really distracted me from the blog? Appears to be the case. Dang. Well, anyways. I’ve been a little focussed on discipline. The school holidays were particularly insightful – if you call realising how evil my spawnlings can be […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #43

Let’s stop for a moment and think about the power of the subconscious. One of the strongest ways to manipulate this is through song. Now, imagine you have an evil genius pair of mums with creative wit – and they are using the magic of music to flash your breasts. […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #42

Sinister is back at school on Wednesday. Nefarious starts next Monday. And I’ll be left alone with Zaltu. The Goddess of Strife herself. All 5 months of her. So of course, I started looking at Mummy-and-Me classes. Let’s see what’s available in our area: 101 Baby Electronics? Nope Baby Bounce-off-the-Walls? Not […]

EG Parent Award #41

We’ve all had one. The housemate who leaves passive-aggressive notes around the place. “I washed up for you AGAIN!” “Please lock the garage door on your way out” “Did you swap the milk labels? My carton tasted funny” ( – yes. Yes I did) But if you’re going to have […]