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EG Parent Award #41

We’ve all had one.

The housemate who leaves passive-aggressive notes around the place.

“I washed up for you AGAIN!”

“Please lock the garage door on your way out”

“Did you swap the milk labels? My carton tasted funny” ( – yes. Yes I did)

But if you’re going to have a Permanent Housemate, then it is always best to keep it fresh. Just in case they suddenly fight back, and piss in your coffee-beaker … or something like that.

Post-It Note Dad has it down pat. He leaves plenty of post-it notes for his wife (Permanent Housemate) regarding the amazing job he is doing as a Stay-at-Home parent. Just enough to show that he is doing something, while maintaining his sanity. Comparatively speaking. Image

It’s definitely worth reading through the post-it notes. And if any of my spawnlings happen to share-house with his spawnling in the distant future, at least I know the note-passing will be worth the random visits.


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