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One Sibling at a Time

Apparently, we’re running out of space in our Lair.

I say “apparently” because we’ve just moved Zaltu into her own room and EG Dad is unsure how long she can share with the crapload of EG toys in there.

We already have Sinister and Nefarious sharing a room, and who knows how long that’s going to last without incident. If they are anything like their mother (they should be so lucky), then not long at all.

When I was about 8, I shared a room with my Big Sis (she was about 12). We … did not get along.

I don’t remember how this particular fight started, but I sure as Hades remember how it ended. She had made the mistake of ‘involving’ one of my books (ripped a page perhaps?) and I patiently bided my time to return the favour.

We both had single beds, with blue metal tubular frames. A simple upside-down U at head and foot.

I waited until she slept. I simply snuck over and tied some of her hair to the bed head. And then peacefully went to sleep.

How annoying to then be woken by her “AARRGGHH!!” as she tried to sit up in the morning.

Needless to say, she never messed with my books again. Nor did we have to share rooms anymore.

Now, both Sinister and Nefarious have short hair so I’m not too worried about it. However, they are both more wily than Big Sis ever was. Helps having a healthy dose of Criminal Genius from EG Dad.

Sharing a room is too easy for them. It’s the rest of the Lair that needs to be watched.


Do your spawnlings share a room? How else do you manage the space?

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