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EG Parent Award #60 – Physics

Sometimes the best examples of evil genius can come directly from your siblings. And we all know where they picked it up from (I’m looking at you, EG Grandma).

This week’s Award recipient (sidenote: can you really call yourselves winners? Sure, why the hell not!) … okay, the winner is not a parent. However, they have truly exhibited all the elements of evil genius that makes me sniff with such pride.

Image from Facebook Page

It’s pretty self-explanatory. Ties in perfectly with our last Forensic Friday post as well. See, being an Evil Genius is educational as well. Found this one through the Facebook page, but if anyone knows the original author tell them to contact me.

For more examples of sibling love genius, check out previous posts like One Sibling At A Time and also the previous winner EG Parent Award #50.

If you’re looking for updates on my recent trip to PAX Aus, stay tuned. I’ll have a three-part review coming up on GeekMom real soon.

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