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Sydney Writer’s Festival

Sinister’s school class had an excursion yesterday. All the way over to the Sydney Writer’s Festival. His teacher was rather considerate and even gave us a list of writers appearing on the day, including Liz Pichon. For those minions who do not have pre-teen spawnlings reading and doodling all over […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #44

Going a bit ‘old school’ today and pulling this belated award from a parent I corrupted at school drop-off last week. Welcome to our fold, Sandra. Though, the following example of your work is more than fine start. Almost every spawnling will forget something in the school bag at some […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #42

Sinister is back at school on Wednesday. Nefarious starts next Monday. And I’ll be left alone with Zaltu. The Goddess of Strife herself. All 5 months of her. So of course, I started looking at Mummy-and-Me classes. Let’s see what’s available in our area: 101 Baby Electronics? Nope Baby Bounce-off-the-Walls? Not […]