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Never Wake a Sleeping Dragon

Order! All rise!

Parenting Court is now in session!! Presiding Judge is Her Honour, Judge Judgey McJudge (of the renowned Bee-yatch clan).

You may now be seated.

I am typing this from the front seat of my Harley Quinn truck family car.

5 mins before arriving at the shopping centre, this happened:

And since Zaltu is teething, walking, talking, climbing, and reverse engineering the polarity flow of her own TARDIS, we don’t have enough of THIS. So I made myself comfy with my smartphone, bottle of water and chocolate bar – and let her sleep.

I thought this was the logical and responsible thing to do.

Apparently not.

After 10 minutes, I was approached by a lady in her 50s, asking if we were okay. I explained the sleep-situation. At this point the woman suggested I duck in, and leave my sleeping baby in the car – “she won’t even notice, if you are quick.


I very politely said no thankyou as I wouldn’t consider that safe (let alone legal).

So she said: “Well, I could look after her while you duck in.”


Again, I very politely thanked her for her good intentions but said I prefer not to leave my spawnlings with random strangers found in carparks (okay, even more polite than that). I was quite happy sitting undercover on a cool winter day, waiting with my sleeping babe. I was in no rush to wake her.

Apparently this is crazy because Mother Teresa walked away muttering about me.

Fairy nuff. Random occurrence. Might tweet about it.


10 minutes later, I kid you not – elderly gentlemen approaches me and we have the exact same conversation.

And once again, it ends with him muttering about my crazy.

And guess what happens 15 minutes after that?

You bet your local children affairs office! I’m approached again – by a mum with 2 kids.

Who tells me she has left her kids in the car at times to do the shopping.

Whoa-ho-ho. Just back that truck up for a minute. Now, Judgey McJudge comes out to play. And all the stupid runs away.

I don’t know how much you’ve been following in the news (besides Gaza, Ukraine, MH17, and Ebola), but there have been quite a few cases of children left in cars, both intentionally and accidentally.

Some kids have died. Some have been saved by a passing stranger. None have died with Mum FB’ing in the front seat.
And the stats are yet to return on how many were from “good intention” advice from well-meaning carpark freaks passerbys.

Screw the freaks. If you want your spawnlings to take over the world DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE IN THE CAR. Wake them or stay with them. But do not leave them. Just think of all the hardwork you have invested in them already.

You know my choice.


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