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Evil Genius Parent Award #13

Elf. On the Shelf. You think I’m about to Dis the Elf. Nah. I am about to revel in its beautiful evilness. It is an amazing tool to encourage Evil Genius Parenting. You know you’re onto a good thing when you can find more bitchiness about an inanimate object than […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #11

I am the laziest parent I know. That’s the whole point of being an Evil Genius Mum. To ensure that I have a ready-to-go army of minions to do stuff for me. I would be a sloth-like beast being crane-lifted out of my house, if it wasn’t for my spawnlings. […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #8

At first I thought that Daddown Under was a sweet guy, not worthy of my ‘Evil Genius’ attention. But over the last few weeks, his posts have been showing some potential shining through. His evil is a bit more subtle – not realising how evil he is until after you […]