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Evil Genius Parent Award #8

At first I thought that Daddown Under was a sweet guy, not worthy of my ‘Evil Genius’ attention.

But over the last few weeks, his posts have been showing some potential shining through. His evil is a bit more subtle – not realising how evil he is until after you have nodded in agreement and poured him another cup of tea.

Daddown Under – hard at work.
What sort of image is he presenting to dads out there?
And how do I get him to stop giving EG Dad ideas?!?

And then he showed his true colours, with tips on How to Use Your Kid as a Scapegoat.

Yep – this is Evil Genius Parenting and it is beautiful.

Check out his Facebook page as well, and tell him to KNOCK IT OFF!!

Not only is he being an Evil Genius Parent, but he is starting to give EG Dad ideas. Like EG Dad needs help…

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