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Evil Genius Parent Award #11

I am the laziest parent I know.

That’s the whole point of being an Evil Genius Mum. To ensure that I have a ready-to-go army of minions to do stuff for me.

I would be a sloth-like beast being crane-lifted out of my house, if it wasn’t for my spawnlings. And pushing the damn kids around. In a stroller, of course.

Enter the Toddler-Driven Motorized Stroller.

Yep. You betcha.

If I had known about this 6 years ago, you would not be reading this blog. My fingers would not be able to differentiate individual keys on the laptop. And you would all be allowed to continue your measly existence without any intervention from me.

Ugh. How boring.

You can purchase an electronics kit from Xandon Frogget, and with a bit of know-how, attach it to your stroller.

Hook up a kinect sensor, and the spawnlings can cruise around without crashing into anything. Or if you’re a control freak, you can control it with your phone instead.

For me: The darn thing takes up to 300lb!! Wahoo! Evil Genius Mum’s gotta a new ride!!

Daddio Robotics – here is your Evil Genius Parent Award. That’s just AWE-some. I’ll be in touch if we have any further spawnlings. Or if I start considering the crane-lift.

Honorary Mention goes to Al B. for sharing this wonderful contraption to me. Sweet.

So – would you buy a motorized stroller?

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