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Evil Genius Parent Award #25

I came across a Letter of Resignation this week that had me pause and appreciate the evolutionary power of a very evil genius parent. One that almost every other human parent will face, if not fear, at some stage in their parenting role.

Head Lice.

This simple little creature has bettered one of the most admired bloggers and mothers out there: Kerri Sackville. She seriously was considering quitting due to the immense power and utter control of Head Lice.

That’s. Just. Awesome!

Who here hasn’t dealt with head lice yet? Here’s a pic for you:

Friendly little buggers, aren’t they?

The greatest irony of head lice is that they LOOOOOOOVE clean hairYou really are damned if you do and damned if you couldn’t give a flying rats… you get the idea.

Of course, there are some minions who claim they have the Holy Grail of solutions for taking care of lice at every stage of the cycle. Pah. There is no Holy Grail Solution. This is what makes the Adult Head Lice such an Evil Genius – it evolves. It is like the Borg (Star Trek reference, minions… don’t make me explain it to you). These little blighters will adapt to any solution you throw at them, except for one:

Simple patience and time.

And how many evil genius parents have time and patience available?!? Especially to spend in close proximity with *gulp* the spawnlings!

Well played, Head Lice.

Alas, Kerri Sackville appears to have been negotiated out of her resignation and is back at her post. So perhaps the Head Lice have not one this battle today.

Nevertheless, I will still award them the Evil Genius Parent Award for this week. For their ability to lay eggs at the sweet young age of 2-days old. For sticking around with such persistence. And for encouraging usually well-mannered parents to perform levels of neglect in washing their spawnlings’ hair.

And special mention to Kerri Sackville, for bringing this to our attention and introducing us to some of her wise followers with some excellent suggestions for treatment.


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