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I Want A … Car That Runs on Compressed Air

Yeah, not exactly screaming evil is it.

Oooohh!! Look out!! Here comes the Environmentally Friendly EG Mobile!!”

But imagine the money I could save with this – money to go towards bigger, better, more evil toys!! YES!!

Anywho, I don’t care. This is cool.

MDI Enterprises have developed a car that runs on compressed air. Check out the promotional vid found on GeekMom:

Pretty sweet, right?

Of course, they claim that it will cost you nothing and is 100% environmentally friendly. Not completely true.

You still need some sort of power source to compress the air in the first place. Even if they do work out a way to compress air while you drive, there will still be some small element of energy lost in the process of doing so. Thus, you will still need a top up at some point.

Secondly, I am curious about the safety measures they have taken for insulating the engine bay from sudden decompression and punctures/leaks. Might be a tad expensive replacing the front half of the car each time you accidently rear-end someone, causing the car to go boom (not that I do that – I’m an awesome driver, of course). Probably still safer than the LPG stuff, but I’m curious nevertheless.

Finally, I’d like to see how efficient it remains when applied to a bigger scale – like a 6-seater. EG Inc is growing, y’know!

All in all, pretty darn cool. And cheaper to run than some gas-guzzlers out there. Which gives me more money for the defence system I need to put in place around my left-over Festival of Chocolate supply.


What do you think? Is this a viable option for the future? Would you be willing to drive it?

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4 replies

  1. Love the idea of a car that runs on compressed air, wonder what would happen if you sprung a leak. Would assume the pressure would be rather high, would that mean a tow every time the system lost pressure?


    1. Was thinking the same myself. Would assume (without being able to pull one apart) that the system works on a controlled release of pressure, so any leak would be moderated by some form of compression chamber in the first place (giving some amount of notice before needing a tow) – thus the safety protocols mentioned. There’s also no mention of hybrid capacity – no back-up battery or the like in case of such scenario. Itchy hands, itchy hands…


      1. I’ve seen a dirt bike with this sort of thinking built into it, so pneumatic engine technology seems to be gaining traction, excuse my pun.

        If you had an efficient enough power source for the compressor, it might be viable.


      2. Nah, I like the pun. And would love to see the dirt bike in action. I was really intrigued about MDI mentioning the secondary engine capturing emissions and re-compressing the air to create and perpetual motion. Opens up a whole new gallery of opportunities.


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