The Interwebs: Where All The Evil Kids Hang Out

I have just finished a really long, heated, and frustrating telephone call with my father – EG Opa. The short version is that the Internet is an evil place, where evil things happen, and only evil people benefit from it.

</old baby-boomers rant>

Yeah, I was going to palm it off as “grumpy old man say whaaat?” … But I’m one of those people who benefits from the Internet.GotG-Idiots

So naturally I felt the need to defend it, and all the other people who benefit from it without the intent of evil status (if you’re reading this, then accept that you are at least subconsciously working towards ‘evil genius’ status).

Now let’s make one thing, one very particular thing, clear before we go any further with my rant. I currently do not receive any financial benefits from my blog. Just old school wanting to write stuff.

So the first thing I asked my dear old dad is “What’s the evil benefit that I’m gaining?”

Yes, he stumbled. He ranted about evil people trying to steal information and lead people astray; corrupting young minds; and stalking my spawnlings.

No mention about my blog. Because clearly I am not on the internet.

So then we started talking about Facebook and Twitter and other social media forums. Predictably, he was back to “they’re evil, no-one is honest about who they are, they are all out to defraud you, no-one is really your friend” etc.

I am not naïve enough to think that everyone is honestly my bestie and thinks I am funny everyday (though, that day will come). However, I have received great positive benefits from online relationships – friendships that enhance the person I am in real life.

Way back in the 90’s, we had mIRC through the university servers. My first uni was a regional campus that used mIRC to connect students across hundreds of kilometres. It WAS supposed to encourage study groups, in the same manner as long-distance education. All faculties were included.


Let’s be honest – only IT geeks used it. Mostly guys. There were a few females. And it was SOOOOO much fun. I met one of my closest friends through mIRC.

When I changed universities and moved to the city, I knew where my people were: Computer Labs and mIRC. Once again, I found a group of people who were as geeky as me and made me feel welcomed in a new habitat. We started meeting up at the pub for beer o’clock and pool (billiards) – and yes, one of them was even a genuine study buddy (the only other law student in a group dominated by IT and engineering)! Still friends with some today.

Over the years, the ‘forums’ have changed, but the friendships have not. Despite the stereotype EG Opa was giving, I was not some awkward teen unable to make any friends in the real world. I was merely a multi-layered individual who enjoyed associating with a diverse group of people.

Just like you.

I still maintain a presence in chatrooms and message boards; I frequently participate in Facebook and Twitter discussions (not much else due to time constraints); I have met many of my online friends in the real world (Hi Bruce and Tracey, and tribe! Hey Clinton and Kimberley, are you going to Supanova?).

I even write with an amazing group of people I have never met in person, yet respect and admire for their own Evil Genius. They have taught me so much and guided me through a fairly steep learning curve over the last 6 months. All from their computers.

Most of all I have been able to connect with people around the world, people who I would never EVER have met otherwise and yet give me the support to explore so many awesome things: geeky interests; International Humanitarian Law; Cosplay for kids; Gifted Children. Believe me when I say there are VERY FEW people in my geographic location that I can talk to about all of these topics, and yet there they are – on my computer.

NONE of this has been corrupt. None of it has been creepy. None of it has ever been as evil as the grumpy old man would want you to believe.

I know this is all a rant (how ironic), but the main reason for this rant is to show you, my loyal minions, that you are not alone. Unfortunately there are still people who do not understand the social benefits of the internet – but I do. I DO!

The Internet is NOT an evil place where only evil benefits. It is merely a tool, like anything else. And while there is a small minority of ick, there is a greater overwhelming feeling of YEAH!

Don’t let the grumpy old man ruin that for you.

Go say hi to your online friends.

And tell them thanks from EG Mum.


Dressin’ Up A Cast

If you’re a regular minion, you may recognise my usual uniform:

Geek shirt: check

Jeans: check

Lab Coat: check

Moustache: check

Clearly fashion is not one of my strengths. Consider the fashion industry exempt from my plans for world domination.

And yet the physio/doc asked ME to choose the colour for the cast on my freshly fractured wrist.

“Uhhhh… Ahhhh… BLUE!”

Why the hesitation? Why would I care about colour?

Because tomorrow night I’m attending the premiere for Disney’s The Jungle Book, in full ‘red carpet’ mode.

I hope you appreciate the sacrifice I am making here for y’all minions.

I’m going to wear … A Dress.

Photo: Evil Genius Mum

Oh, and side note: that’s my dominant hand in the cast. I can’t even do my usual ponytail, let alone fancy-schmancy stuff. I have to go to the hairdressers.

The good news is I will be reviewing The Jungle Book over at GeekMom/GeekDad on 4 April. I’m also scheduled in with a Q&A with Jon Favreau plus any other geeky celebs in attendance.

I’m even dragging Sinister along as Crew.

So stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter for updates! It should be an interesting night!

In the meantime, here’s the official trailer.

Update: Review is in over at GeekDad.

10 Things Parents Should Know About Disney’s The Jungle Book (Live Action)

Hour of Code 2015: Minecraft

Hour of Code has started this week.

If you need a refresher on what Hour of Code is:

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. One-hour tutorials are available in over 40 languages. No experience needed. Ages 4 to 104.

– Hour of Code

It is a great opportunity for anyone to gain a taste of coding. On the Hour of Code website alone, there are three (3) tutorials on the front page, followed by a bunch of opportunities to take your coding beyond the ‘hour’.

Continue reading

I Want A … Car That Runs on Compressed Air

Yeah, not exactly screaming evil is it.

Oooohh!! Look out!! Here comes the Environmentally Friendly EG Mobile!!”

But imagine the money I could save with this – money to go towards bigger, better, more evil toys!! YES!!

Anywho, I don’t care. This is cool.

MDI Enterprises have developed a car that runs on compressed air. Check out the promotional vid found on GeekMom:

Pretty sweet, right?

Of course, they claim that it will cost you nothing and is 100% environmentally friendly. Not completely true.

You still need some sort of power source to compress the air in the first place. Even if they do work out a way to compress air while you drive, there will still be some small element of energy lost in the process of doing so. Thus, you will still need a top up at some point.

Secondly, I am curious about the safety measures they have taken for insulating the engine bay from sudden decompression and punctures/leaks. Might be a tad expensive replacing the front half of the car each time you accidently rear-end someone, causing the car to go boom (not that I do that – I’m an awesome driver, of course). Probably still safer than the LPG stuff, but I’m curious nevertheless.

Finally, I’d like to see how efficient it remains when applied to a bigger scale – like a 6-seater. EG Inc is growing, y’know!

All in all, pretty darn cool. And cheaper to run than some gas-guzzlers out there. Which gives me more money for the defence system I need to put in place around my left-over Festival of Chocolate supply.


What do you think? Is this a viable option for the future? Would you be willing to drive it?