Nintendo Saved My Road Trip

I have just come back from a serious marathon road trip with the spawnlings, and my most favourite part of it all was the Nintendo 2DS.

Well, that’s not completely true.

The spawnlings were kind of fun as well.



I’ll be the first to admit I had my trepidations. For the last 12 months, Nefarious has been feeling queasy in the back seat of the car. The EG Mobile is one of those three-row beauties (2x2x2 formation) with Zaltu and Sinister usually in the middle, and Nefarious in the back row.

And then one day he was car-sick. Like “redecorated the rear half of the car” sick.

Car-SickThis was last year…when I had the broken wrist. Fortunately, EG Dad was driving the car. Or ‘conveniently’, as he put it.

Anyway, Nefarious had been reading a book at the time. Aha! I hear you say. Yeah, I came to that same realisation too, Einstein. Mainly because I also used to ‘redecorate the rear half of the car’ when I was a kid. Hell, I still do it now—IF I have been reading for more than 10mins in the car.

Naturally, this made me a little nervous about a 4500km round trip to Townsville, North Queensland.

So, for the road trip Nefarious moved to the middle row while Sinister moved up to the front seat with me (and played DJ/Navigator/telephone operator/food provisions). Nefarious also chose not to read any books in the car.

This in itself was a horrible thing to put on any spawnling. HORRIBLE. But especially for Nefarious, who proudly proclaims his signature statement as “Can I finish this page first?” And yes, he learnt that from his older brother.

And this is where the Nintendo 2DS came in. And I swear, I never had any intention of it being used but it was so absolutely brilliant.

Each boy has a 2DS and a couple of matching games to play, predominantly Pokemon. This means they can connect to each other within the car and battle or trade or whatever without a plethora of cords dangling around or having to climb over car seats just as the police drive by.


Pokemon Sun 01.jpg

Image provided by Nintendo, thus proving they were eavesdropping on our road trip 


And the 2DS does not make Nefarious sick. Not once. Not a peep out him until we hit Sydney on the return journey, and then it was only a headache from fatigue with the looooooooong trip.

Even with a total of an hour a day of DS time, the boy spawnlings were able to play together or separately, having some nice moments to break up the journey.

Now before you get all “oh, for the boy spawnlings only” with me, Zaltu is only 3 and a half. She is still learning how to play. She had a couple of moments playing Pokemon Gold on the 2DS (you can download it from the Nintendo Shop for about AUD$13). She also was on Pokemon Go duty sporadically during the trip.

But after the success of the last epic road trip, I am seriously considering one for her in the near future.

Nintendo must have been eavesdropping on my car again, because they have just launched a new 2DS XL, with the release on 15 June 2017. And it looks pretty.


Unlike the single-piece the boys have, the new design is a clam-shell with a larger screen just like the new 3DS XL. Personally, I prefer the 2DS for the spawnlings… and myself. Remember the car-sickness thing? 3D on the portables makes me queasy, and I ain’t taking that risk with the spawnlings playing in the car.

I’ll be honest—I like the pretty colours too. Although, I think considering how the current political climate might impact on the popularity of the white/orange scheme… Black/Turquoise for me, please!!

New Nintendo 2DS XL Black-Turquoise Packshot.jpg

The only unnerving thing is how quietly they made the announcement. Don’t get me wrong: Nintendo was all about the bright party announcements for most of 2016. And it was a huge year for them.  But it makes me feel like this announcement for the 2DS XL is missing something. Like they are holding back on us… At AUD$199.95 (RRP), it’s more than the standard 2DS but having a flippy-feature is not enough for me to take that engineering risk with my spawnlings.

I’m really hoping they have some additional feature yet to be announced. Maybe, just maybe, they could lighten up on the region blocking? That would seriously make my work with GeekMom a lot easier.

Purchase of a new 2DS, however, is on hold. Right now I need to focus on recovering from the road trip. And while I am grateful I don’t have to clean up biological confetti, we do have some unfortunate offerings to the Travel Gods that need to be dealt with.


** Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing details of our East Coast Roadtrip very soon!!


I Want An … OHEA Smart Bed

Hurry up and make your bed!! It isn’t going to make itself!!

– EG Grandma

She is going to eat her words.

I want to blame my inability to make the bed on my broken wrist but let’s be honest- it has never been high on my priority list.

And I would like to claim it as a family trait but the only unmade bed is Zaltu’s – and she’s two so that’s my fault again. 

 Sinister and Nefarious apparently taken after their father: 

But if you are more like me than … Them, you want to see this Video.

Introducing the OHEA Smart Bed. It senses when a person leaves the bed and proceeds to straighten the linen and duvet.

The bed’s mechanism can be either manual or automatic; either way takes less than a minute to straighten your linen and make the bed.

And while lazy EG like me are drooling, the bed really benefits the elderly, infirm, and those responsible for making hundreds of beds a day – save $$$ on OH&S issues!!

Coming from the chick with a broken wrist, this bed looks like a dream…

Thumbs up! Deliver it straight to the lair!
Not sponsored- just sharing cool stuff I find.

Competition Time: Harry Potter

Ninjamas is just around the corner and the marketing onslaught is in full attack mode.

Everywhere you turn, new and shiny toys are being offered as the “ideal gift”. So much geeky goodness. But like many, I can’t justify the HUGE expenditure on myself for SOOOOOO many geeky things. I keep dropping anvil-size hints to others to buy them for me!IMG_8529.JPG

Continue reading


Kudos to Minion Kellie for telling me about this one. 

For a limited time, BBC / Doctor Who (Australia) had a full size Lego TARDIS down at Bondi Beach (Sydney).

Isn’t it beautiful? Doubly so- Lego AND Doctor Who. *sniff* I so want but considering the other Lego filling up the lair, I would be better off using the Lego bricks to build an East Wing. 

This special treat was mostly for me, and partly to promote the Doctor Who Festival in a couple of weeks (21/22 Nov). Unfortunately EG Inc is not going this year but I’m hoping to head some excellent reports from any minions who do. 

In the meantime, I will settle for every other opportunity The Doctor throws my way. 

I still want one. 

Review: LEGO Research Institute #21110

It’s frackin’ awesome! </end>

I know, it’s 3 mini-figs in a cool scene, but there are some amazing bits and I love the ingenuity of the dinosaur skeleton.

But the part that really made it for me – the instruction manual. 

Let’s start at the beginning:  


We received this as part of our huge LEGO family haul for Solstice 2014. It’s taken this long for us to build it – see, it’s not just you. I have even neglected LEGO (did you check if she had a pulse? She could have been faking…)

Now, being the geeky goddess I am, I read everything and of course, I started with the manual.

If you have bought or will buy this for a young budding scientist, this manual is perfect for explaining the purpose of the set and introducing the finer details of specific areas of science.

And it should – since it was designed by a scientist.


Three areas of science are covered: 


And then there is the LEGO. The chemist is awesome, with her dual face, lots of potions (that’s what Nefarious calls them) and diddly little bits that I had never considered building before DESPITE using pieces I have had since I was 5. See her hand – I never considered that the buttons of LEGO fit in the Minifigs hands!!

The archaeologist was more of a build, particularly with the skeleton, but enjoyable nevertheless. 


I love building with EG Dad. He is such a good little scientist; organising and categorising EVERYTHING. The above picture is my ‘sorting’. This is his: 

 But he had his revenge when he left the floor of the astronomer to me. Fiddly indeed: 

Worth it: 


The end result is a beautiful little mini fig set that I could display, but the kids get a kick out of using the sets in far more dramatic EG scenarios.


The set has now been retired, which means if you missed out through the LEGO website, you are now going to extorted through eBay. In Australia, they’re currently selling around $65 mark. If you are into collecting LEGO, it is worth it. To be frank, the manual with the set is worth it. And if you want to support STEM in your spawnlings, they will treasure this.

There is a 2nd set submitted by the designer Alatariel: Science Adventures! 

I’m definitely watching this one! Tiger! Rawr!! You can check more of this here.

Now go, my minions!! Build!!

Reason #32 Why I am Glad We Have Timber Floors

World Domination is on hold (again) while I clean up the mess.

It was supposed to be a simple task. Paint the storage box to fit in with other geeky paraphernalia.


I set out to do this:


And ended up doing this:



All I did was grab the bottle of black paint out of the art supply cupboard (commonly known as the “anything that fits in there” cupboard).

As I stepped back, I stumbled – and instinctively through my arms up in the air… And learnt that the lid was not tightly fastened on the bottle.

To be honest, it could have been a crap load worse.

But I was so extremely grateful for the timber floors we had installed in the Lair earlier this year.

This was cleaned up within 1/2 a packet of Spawnling wipes. I can only imagine the torture of trying to get black paint out of carpet.


Soooooo… Do you have any art projects planned for the weekend?