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I Want a … Skully helmet

I consider myself the last remaining sane person in the family of crazies. And knowing my family – that’s a scary scary thought.

I do not have and do not want a motorbike licence.

EG Dad has one (Virago).
EG Grandad has one (a Harley, of course).
EG Grandma has one (Virago).
Both my brothers have licences.
My grandfather – yes.
My aunt and two uncles – you bet.

Even my best friend, EG Aunty Em, is going for her licence – not a great idea if you’ve ever been a passenger in her car.

Me – no thanks. I like my cars thankyou.

But then I saw this Light Mode Motorcycle Helmet:


It so purdy… I could be like TRON. Vrmmm! Vvvrrrrrmmmm!!!

But I don’t have a motorbike and it would kind of be pointless.

And then … Loyal Minion Jake shared this beauty:


It’s a Skully Helmet – connects to your phone and GPS; has rear camera; and brings everything up on the screen in front. With other benefits, it’s pretty much a Smart Helmet and very sexy.

And I don’t even need a motorbike to reap the benefits.

I could finally check my FB updates without a Spawnling reading over my shoulder.

I would literally have eyes in the back of my head.

I would be protected from Zaltu’s lunch, Sinister’s science experiments, and Nefarious’ sporting attempts.

But most of all …

I could be THE ROCKETEER!!


I think I have an obsession.

Not a problem. 😀

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  1. Oh dudett you just gave Aunty Em (me) more reasons to finish getting my licence. BTW I a perfectly good driver, it’s only when I have screaming passengers hyperventilating and leaving nail marks in the dashboard I get distracted. The bigger issue with me and bikes is the haemophilia thingy it’s going to make surviving dingles tough but I love tempting fate and she’s only killed me twice so I’m not doing to bad so far.


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