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Review: LEGO Research Institute #21110

It’s frackin’ awesome! </end>

I know, it’s 3 mini-figs in a cool scene, but there are some amazing bits and I love the ingenuity of the dinosaur skeleton.

But the part that really made it for me – the instruction manual. 

Let’s start at the beginning:  


We received this as part of our huge LEGO family haul for Solstice 2014. It’s taken this long for us to build it – see, it’s not just you. I have even neglected LEGO (did you check if she had a pulse? She could have been faking…)

Now, being the geeky goddess I am, I read everything and of course, I started with the manual.

If you have bought or will buy this for a young budding scientist, this manual is perfect for explaining the purpose of the set and introducing the finer details of specific areas of science.

And it should – since it was designed by a scientist.


Three areas of science are covered: 


And then there is the LEGO. The chemist is awesome, with her dual face, lots of potions (that’s what Nefarious calls them) and diddly little bits that I had never considered building before DESPITE using pieces I have had since I was 5. See her hand – I never considered that the buttons of LEGO fit in the Minifigs hands!!

The archaeologist was more of a build, particularly with the skeleton, but enjoyable nevertheless. 


I love building with EG Dad. He is such a good little scientist; organising and categorising EVERYTHING. The above picture is my ‘sorting’. This is his: 

 But he had his revenge when he left the floor of the astronomer to me. Fiddly indeed: 

Worth it: 


The end result is a beautiful little mini fig set that I could display, but the kids get a kick out of using the sets in far more dramatic EG scenarios.


The set has now been retired, which means if you missed out through the LEGO website, you are now going to extorted through eBay. In Australia, they’re currently selling around $65 mark. If you are into collecting LEGO, it is worth it. To be frank, the manual with the set is worth it. And if you want to support STEM in your spawnlings, they will treasure this.

There is a 2nd set submitted by the designer Alatariel: Science Adventures! 

I’m definitely watching this one! Tiger! Rawr!! You can check more of this here.

Now go, my minions!! Build!!

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