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EG Parent Award #53

Ohhhh… it has been awhile.

But there is nothing like April Fools Day to bring out the Evil Genius in us all.

I like it even better when you can combine April Fools Day with Easter. Previous years have included the Infamous Green Easter Egg Hunt, and last year was the Easter Basket Brilliance.


However, I have made the reckless promise to the spawnlings that this year would include more scientific discovery.

So I found this wonderful prank here. The Head in a Jar Prank.

I’m pretty sure there are a few versions of this floating around the interwebs, but I like Mikeasaurus because he goes to the whole extent of making just the right picture for the jar. And it is a work of art.

Head in a Jar

I think I’ll do a photo of Zaltu and scare the bejeebus out of Sinister and Nefarious. Oh yeah, This will be good.

I’m back!!

Congratulations to Mikeasaurus! 

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