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One Hiatus at a Time

As you can see, I take this blogging thing very seriously.

Sorry. Distracted by the sound of the jug boiling and realised I was due for my pre-siesta cold latte.

Okay, back to blogging.

To be frank, I don’t know how regular bloggers do it. There are a few I follow, mainly to see if they have tips for organising their lives enough to balance world domination with 3-kid bedtime. There is a whole BUNCH of crazy people out there who swear by menu planning, green smoothies, sewing your own clothes, home schooling, and re-decorating the house with homemade lampshades, all before the school pick-up.

And while most of them are publishing blog posts 2/3 times a week, NONE of them are giving up the secrets as to how the hell they do it.

Take my timeline, for example – have a look over to the right here ———————————>

You can see months/years where you can do a quick search on a blog post. See where it says March 2015 and then under it says December 2014? Yep – I took a hiatus. Not a planned, blow up a French-Polynesian island and then laugh about it by the pool in Southern California type of hiatus. I’m talking more along the lines of “cleaned up multiple child-illness events, attended way too many early Nipper starts on Sunday mornings, and survived back-to-school preparations with all kids maintaining a moderate life expectancy” type of hiatus.

The type where it is quite clear to any reader here that I am typing this for shit/giggles and basic information-sharing on the dreams of taking over the world.

Getting paid for blogs? Who has time for that?

The next 6 months are going to be interesting – here’s my “planning”:

  • Attempt a return to ‘regular’ Forensic Fridays
  • Attempt a return to ‘regular’ EG Parent Awards (though, you’ve gotta help me on this one and show me some EG Parenting!)
  • Festival of Chocolate
  • Sydney BrickShow
  • Free Comic Book Day – yes, we are cosplaying
  • SupaNova – yes, we are cosplaying
  • OzComicCon – yes, we are cosplaying (see a trend here?)
  • and finally, an attempt to take-over a neighbouring country. This current location has a few too many crazies. Let’s see what’s on offer abroad.

All this, and continue training the spawnlings for world domination. How the hell am I doing this again? Where is the time for sleep?

Though, if Sinister continues to build contraptions to hang Zaltu up around the house, I may find a spare day to catch up on that cup of coffee…

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Evil Genius Mum

Evil Genius Mum
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6 replies

  1. Welcome back from your hiatus. I have enough trouble finding time to read other people’s blogs and leave comments let alone start one of my own, so you are way ahead of me. I don’t even find time for comments much, but I think if I were a blogger I would feel more loved if someone commented, so I do try to say something now and then! I am really looking forward to your cosplay stories. We live in Wollongong, so our next cosplay opportunity is ComicGong in May. My daughter is already gathering supplies to be Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service. I wanted to pair up and be Kiki’s Mum, but she says I am not allowed because it is not cool to be paired up with your Mum. She’s also just been summoned to what appears to be a Percy Jackson themed birthday party – so some god / demi-god/ mythical creature costuming will have to be created this weekend. Any suggestions?


    1. You, dear minion, have just won the blogosphere for the day! Thank you for the support!

      I love Kiki!! I’d go as Kiki, if I could get Zaltu to suit still in a cat-costume. What you should do is cosplay as the “too-cool” witch that brushed off Kiki at the beginning of the movie – then you’ll be totally in character as you hang around just off to the side!

      For Percy, a good Medusa costume would nail it. Black jacket, black pants, oversized sunglasses, and a whole heap of toy snakes from Kmart, with the ends just entwined in her hair. Man – now I want to see photos of this!!


  2. I LOVE the Medusa idea – especially since it appears to be fairly easy to put together. I say “appears” because no doubt it will end up harder than I thought. If it works out I will send a photo! Thanks! So serendipitous that you decided to come back from hiatus today just when I am in the mood for procrastinating from my paperwork.


      1. I am not so good at getting my minions to follow my own evil plans. Daughter came home and was not at all impressed by the Medusa idea. She wants to be Thalia, daughter of Zeus. Curse myself for rearing an independent thinker. I’ll still send a photo although just wearing a black jacket and jeans and possibly a choker and some bracelets is not so exciting as snake hair…disappointed…


      2. What?!? Sacrilege!! *sigh* Well, at least she has READ the series to know her characters. Awesome books (ditch the movies). Can’t wait to see the outcome (*squee* fellow cosplayers!!)


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