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One Children’s Shoe at a Time

In case you missed the Public Safety Announcement, Zaltu is 18mths old. Those with kids know that this is when the crazy shit happens. The term “terrible twos” is misleading – it all starts at 18mths.

But this time – surprisingly, it wasn’t Zaltu’s fault. At all. It was me, who almost shoved a delicate little wedge-heel sandal up the right nostril of a young sales assistant before setting the laser-armed sharks on her. 

Really, I would have been doing society a favour.

I started out with a simple request for some sandals for our 18mth old Spawnling. Zaltu was with me, and quite clearly being an 18mth old (read: playing with her Batgirl doll).

I kid you not.

But it gets better.

When I pointed out to her that Zaltu was 18mths old and wants to wear sandals while running around in the park with her brothers, the response was:

Oh, she can learn to run in these!

Now, like any EG Parent, I truly dream of at least one of my spawnlings being The Chosen One, and learning to run in high-heel kick-ass boots like Buffy (boys too).

But not at 18mths old.

Of course, when I told EG Dad about this shopping experience, he agreed that the wedges were a ridiculous suggestion for Zaltu.

These are more her style:


Side note: we didn’t find any sandals, but Zaltu fell in love with these runners:

And now I can’t catch her. Maybe the wedges aren’t such a bad idea…

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