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Competition Time: Harry Potter

Ninjamas is just around the corner and the marketing onslaught is in full attack mode.

Everywhere you turn, new and shiny toys are being offered as the “ideal gift”. So much geeky goodness. But like many, I can’t justify the HUGE expenditure on myself for SOOOOOO many geeky things. I keep dropping anvil-size hints to others to buy them for me!IMG_8529.JPG

Which got me thinking – how can I help my mere minions to score some nice geeky gift in time for Ninjamas? A competition of course!

But what type of competition? Well, funny story to that. It came to me not long after a visit to my GP (Doctor Harry) last month.

I was sick and had hit ‘Code Green‘. And I wanted to be better. As in, quickly and efficiently better because I was heading to PAX Australia and didn’t want to be the Icky Genius Mum.

Thinking I was being funny, I said, “Wave your magic wand and make me better.”

He replied, “I’m just a Doctor.”

I said, “No. You’re a wizard, Harry.”

Straight face, he said, “Don’t be ridikulus.”

And yes, it took me a minute to process what he said. I was sick, remember. But I’ll admit – I was outplayed by the doctor (which is another funny story for another competition day.


The Rules

Fairly straight forward. The prize is THIS:IMG_8532.JPG

It’s a sweet linen Harry Potter cushion cover from the Pillow Factor (about $20 – insert not included). You just need to give us a funny Harry Potter pun or story in the comments below (the comment section of this blog post). I will then randomly pick from the genuine entries below (how about I draw it out of a Sorting Hat?)

Make sure you tick the box about receiving emails if someone replies to your comment. If you win, I will contact you either through the comment or Facebook. If you don’t respond in three (3) days, I’ll redraw.

Come back here on 21 Dec to see if you scored the cushion cover.

Pretty easy, right?


Hedwig is not included in the competition.

BTW: Previous experience with a competition over at GeekMom has introduced me to the world of Comp Bots. If I find your entry is a comp bot (and yeah, it’s pretty easy to figure out), your entry will be disqualified.

Let the Harry Potter Pun-War / Story-telling begin!!


And we have a winner!


Email me your details so I can post the cushion cover out to you!



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11 replies

  1. So, I waited 11 years for the opportunity to do this. I was honestly counting the years. I purchased a “genuine” letter inviting my son to Hogwarts. It was really good! Parchment-like paper, signed by Prof McGonagall, included a gold embossed ticket on the Hogwarts Express etc etc. It even had a note apologizing that it was not sent by owl because it had recently been raising the suspicions of Muggles, and instead had been apparated to his address – which I had told them was “second bedroom on the right, opposite the bathroom”. On my son’s 11th birthday I slipped it under his door and waited for him to wake up. He came into my bedroom holding the letter and said “You did this, didn’t you? No seriously – tell me you did this. I don’t know how you did this – but I know you’re Santa, so you had to have a hand in this too.” He admitted later that he’d read the letter and looked at the ticket and for a tiny second thought “could this be real?” until his logical brain kicked in. Awwww! At the time he was waiting to find out if he’d been accepted into a selective high school, so whenever people asked him what high school he was going to next year he’d say, “Well, I’m hoping for Smith’s Hill, but if that doesn’t work out, I’ve got this letter from Hogwarts. He still tells people the only reason he ended up at Smith’s Hill is that he couldn’t afford the ticket to London to meet the train. My daughter turns 11 next year – she’s already told me she really hopes she gets a letter like her brother did. She just eye-rolls me if I suggest she may be a muggle like Petunia…


    1. That is quite simply the most awesome thing I have heard yet – damn well beats the plans I had for Sinister’s 10th birthday (which I can’t share here because the little spawnling reads my blog). I love your kids response to it!!


      1. Now I really want to hear your plans! How long until Sinister’s birthday so you can reveal them? I need a new plan since I’ve already used up the Letter to Hogwarts. Even though my daughter really wants one it won’t have the same impact second time around. I was thinking of telling her she had to leave home on a broom at 13 like Kiki, but I don’t think she’ll fall for it.


      2. Sinister’s b’day isn’t until June, so you could be waiting awhile. But when you email me with your postal details (*grin*) I’ll reply with some details then. 😀



    2. Yay! Thanks EGM! An extra Christmas present for me! It will go nicely next to the Monkey Magic cushion I bought my husband last year.


      1. Actually? THe punniest person in the house is dad. I can take the blame for a lot of things, but the constant “word-word GET IT???” Commentary? TOTTTTTALLLLY my husband.


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