Competition Time: Harry Potter

Ninjamas is just around the corner and the marketing onslaught is in full attack mode.

Everywhere you turn, new and shiny toys are being offered as the “ideal gift”. So much geeky goodness. But like many, I can’t justify the HUGE expenditure on myself for SOOOOOO many geeky things. I keep dropping anvil-size hints to others to buy them for me!IMG_8529.JPG

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And the winner is… (Matthew Reilly’s Hover Car Racer)

You had us at “TARDIS technology”.

This ended up being one of the easiest decisions ever made.

Seriously though, big kudos to the participants. We had colour. We had speed. We even had a tribute to Daft Punk.

So we nabbed a few bonus EG trinkets to send out to each of the participants. Pictures will be shared on Facebook later this week.

But there is one winner – and these guys knew their audience.


Feast your eyes on … THE THUNDER TARD!!

It has TARDIS technology!

It is zippy!!

It harks back to Thunderbirds!!

And it has coffee!! A machine made for my own sleep-deprived soul…

Congratulations to the winners over in the Devereaux Bunch!! The spawnlings were totally won over as soon as you mentioned the TARDIS.

And a big congratulations and thank you to all the participants. I have plenty of new designs for my future hover car racers.

Competition: Matthew Reilly’s Hover Car Racer

Being Evil Genius Mum, I am all about inspiring spawnlings to create, invent and dream!!

Now, I know there were a lot of dreams bursting with this news of Tony Hawk’s Hoverboard prank but it made me realise – there is still the dream.

What better way to inspire dreams than the creative process?
So I have in my hot little hands a signed copy of Matthew Reilly’s Hovercar Racer.
This book is for spawnlings, and it is a massive turbulent adventure all the way. This is the book that captured my youngest EG brother at 12 – and he is still a huge Reilly fan to this day.

It’s about kids who race hovercars – Formula 1 style. And kid mechanics. Kid engineers. And of course – kids scheming.

So that means the comp is aimed at kids. Anyone up to the age of 18. Anywhere in the world (delivery included). And it’s by my rules. Because I’m EG Mum and I have taken over at least this slice of the world.

To win this signed copy, draw me a picture of your dream Hovercar racer. Tell me about it. And email me:

I will choose the most inventive and exciting, with the help of Sinister and Nefarious.

All pics will be shared on Facebook and Twitter, as well as in a blog post here.

And competition ends November 30 with the winner announced December 1. So you should have time to receive it before Christmas.

So get drawing!!


Competition: Spawnling #3 needs a name

Evil Genius Inc has a new member – Spawnling #3 arrived very early last Saturday morning.

Figures. Ruining my weekend sleep-in from her first day.

As with any spawnling, she now needs a name. In the same style as Sinister and Nefarious.

So I thought I might open it to the minions, in the form of a competition.

Suggest a nickname for Spawnling #3 in the comments below. Evil Genius Dad will choose the best and award the prize – your choice of either of these Star Wars books: Darth Vader and Son, or Darth Vader’s Little Princess.

Only rule is that it must start with the letter Z.

Entries close 12 September, and the winner will be announced 15 September.

Bring it.