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I Want An … OHEA Smart Bed

Hurry up and make your bed!! It isn’t going to make itself!!

– EG Grandma

She is going to eat her words.

I want to blame my inability to make the bed on my broken wrist but let’s be honest- it has never been high on my priority list.

And I would like to claim it as a family trait but the only unmade bed is Zaltu’s – and she’s two so that’s my fault again. 

 Sinister and Nefarious apparently taken after their father: 

But if you are more like me than … Them, you want to see this Video.

Introducing the OHEA Smart Bed. It senses when a person leaves the bed and proceeds to straighten the linen and duvet.

The bed’s mechanism can be either manual or automatic; either way takes less than a minute to straighten your linen and make the bed.

And while lazy EG like me are drooling, the bed really benefits the elderly, infirm, and those responsible for making hundreds of beds a day – save $$$ on OH&S issues!!

Coming from the chick with a broken wrist, this bed looks like a dream…

Thumbs up! Deliver it straight to the lair!
Not sponsored- just sharing cool stuff I find.

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