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Evil Genius Parent Award #28

Damn it. I have an awesome recipient this week and have not been able to find details for the recipient.

Following on from Free Comic Book Day, I have a lot of admiration for families that cosplay together. They can really capture the vibe of a day by participating and showing their quirky side. It’s also a great opportunity to create mischief, while in cognito. Clever.

This year was Evil Genius Inc’s first step into the world of cosplay. Partly because we thought it was time to give it a go (spawnlings old enough to want to do it themselves) and partly because we had Nefarious’  birthday party on the same day, so it’s not like we had to change outfits or anything. 😀

But in light of this initial effort on our behalf, I am totally aware of the amazing competition out there. EG Inc will have to up their game for the next cosplay opportunity.

So this EG Parent Award goes to the family who created this amazing cosplay outfit for their child:

Iron Man-Child

I love this for a couple of reasons:

  1. The kid looks awesome. Seriously awesome;
  2. The kid is posed perfectly for the costume;
  3. If the kid looks this great and is posed this well, then I can only admire the other “Tony Stark” values the family will be instilling as well. Not just science, innovation, creativity – but confidence, arrogance, and down right debonair suave awesome-sauce brilliance. And if I am RIGHT on this, than these parents are absolutely Evil Genius Parents. Well done.

So if anyone finds out who this brilliant cosplay belongs to, send them my way for their EG Parent Award. The best I have at the moment is the picture being listed on MTV’s Best Iron Man Cosplay. But of course – I want more.

Go, minions. Find this EG Parent for me!


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3 replies

  1. Hello! I know this is a slow response considering you posted in May, but it’s only just now been found by friends and family and sent over to me. I’m very excited that this picture has been shared so much and enjoyed by so many people. It may be the most hilarious picture I’ve ever taken of Oliver, but I have faith in his ridiculous humor and ability to top it.

    I’m not saying I had a child just to put him in costume, except that it’s one of the best perks ever. They’re tiny, cute, and love whatever you do if it’s fun. His first costume was when I took a Basic Clothing Construction course at university as an elective and decided to make Hobbit costumes for my assignments of a Top and Bottom. (p:// So I made him into Frodo Baggins, which also ran ramptant on the internet. (

    I’m a studio art major, graduating this semester, and used my child as inspiration this year for my capstone exhibition projects. This one ( is called Madonna and Child. That’s just a crappy phone picture filtered out to Instagram, but gives an idea. He’s my life, so I wanted to incorporate it.

    Naturally, my husband and I are kind of nerds. And our child got suckered into being in our family. Oliver was known last summer (in 2012) when this was taken as “Superhero kid” at the summer camp I worked at because he wore a cape every single day to camp. This was during his Hero Phase, where he wore a costume as much as possible. In fact, it’s become a difficulty during times like Halloween because he can’t choose. This was him this year’s Halloween around 4 pm (, which I may make into a painting. He changed his mind eight times and costume four times before settling on Captain America instead.

    In any case, this picture is pure Oliver. I put his costume on and said, “Well. Tony Stark has a beard. Would you like one?” And he loved it. I asked to take his photo, and he leans over on his little stuffed chair and gives me that face. I think this was even the first picture I took.

    Anyway, that may have been more than you ever wanted to know, but he’s a fun kid.


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