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Free Comic Book Day 2013

May the 4th be with you…


Well played, Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) organisers. Well played. Doubling up your day with the Geeks Holiday:  Star Wars Day.

Of course, as with any geek festival, there were plenty of cosplay opportunities (including Evil Genius Inc). And of course, there were a couple of violations of the rule: “Spandex is a privilege; Not a right.”

What is Free Comic Book Day? Infidel…

Oh, okay. Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday of May each year. Participating Comic Book stores (and some regular book stores and libraries) offer at least one free comic book on the day. The range of comics come from many publishers, including the usual producers of evil: Marvel, DC, Dark Horse.

So why free comics? It is quite ingenious really – what better way to attract more readers, and secure your established market, than with free stuff?

Add some cosplay festivities and competitions, and bam! You’ve got yourself an instant expansion to what some think is a dwindling audience.

It also provides a great opportunity for artists and writers, like Gail Simone, to head over to their local bookstore and pimp their wares while supporting what is essentially a ‘physical retail store only’ event.

Again, well played FCBD.


Tony Stark and The Mandarin
Fight it out over the Last Coffee

EG Inc partipated in cosplay for the first time this year. Your Future Leader was unfortunately limited in costume opportunities – how many pregnant characters do you know (and yes, I do retain some dignity by NOT dressing up as a Japanese school girl). Instead, how about the Death Star? Yeah baby.

EG Dad spent the last week growing his goatee and transformed into Tony Stark/Iron Man. We were so upset when we realised half way into the city, we had forgotten the obligatory martini glass. But he still nailed it – maybe I should have made him wear the wedding ring…

And the spawnlings – Ben 10 and Yoda. I think they are going through their rebellious phase. Or maybe they understood the limitations on my make-up artistry. Tony Stark beard colouring – yes! Darth Maul face paint – Hells to the No!

Comic books really are an evil way to introduce your spawnlings to reading while making it fun. It also is perfect for young budding artists to see some new and creative ways to display their ideas. Comic books aren’t just art – they capture movement, imagination, and craziness all in one.

And no, not just the big bosom ladies either. There are plenty of child-friendly comics out there. They’re harder to find but they are out there. 

Comics. *sigh* Is there anything they cannot do?

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