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Evil Genius Parent Award #42

Sinister is back at school on Wednesday. Nefarious starts next Monday. And I’ll be left alone with Zaltu. The Goddess of Strife herself. All 5 months of her. So of course, I started looking at Mummy-and-Me classes. Let’s see what’s available in our area: 101 Baby Electronics? Nope Baby Bounce-off-the-Walls? Not […]

EG Parent Award #41

We’ve all had one. The housemate who leaves passive-aggressive notes around the place. “I washed up for you AGAIN!” “Please lock the garage door on your way out” “Did you swap the milk labels? My carton tasted funny” ( – yes. Yes I did) But if you’re going to have […]

EG Parent Award #40

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. It is the present only another EG parent could truly appreciate. It is the thoughtful gesture that needs no reward greater than a simple nod of thanks, and yet deserves so much more. At least an EG Parenting award. And I want more. […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #39

Our spawnlings, Sinister (7) and Nefarious (4) are still a little young for Alien. Pity. Because we’re in the final month of #3’s tenancy and I’m feeling more and more like this: Now, being an Evil Genius is hard work. Some may consider it easier when you look like you […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #38

I’ve been holding on to this one for a few days – shared diligently by aspiring EG Parent Dallas F. See, the thing about parenting is everyone has an opinion. From the moment you mention you have spawned, everyone believes they have the best advice to give you. Of course, […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #37

You have to admire a parent who feels comfortable enough in their parenting to allow their minions write the blog entry this week. I just don’t think the world is ready yet for Sinister and Nefarious to publish just yet. Half the time, I don’t think I’m ready for their thoughts. And […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #35

The weather is crappy. Really really crappy. It’s cold, wet, and there’s only so much you can do in the confines of the Evil Genius Lair. BRING OUT THE BOARD GAMES!! EG History lesson – EG Dad and I are not known for our friendly, jovial, nature during board games. […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #34

Every Evil Genius Lair needs a First Aid kit. Something easily retrievable when minions are set alight, or eye-brows singed, or chocolate smeared across ceilings. However, I often wonder about exactly what needs to be in the EG First Aid kit. Bandages, band-aids, plaster tape – sure. We know all […]

Evil Genius Parent Award #33

It is that time of year again. If you’re North of the border, you’re hitting Summer Holidays. Zombies (teens with default “I’m bored” settings); Vampires (pre-teens with inability to earn their own money, drive themselves anywhere, and clean up own mess); and Trolls (creative parents on the web who brag […]