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Evil Genius Parent Award #33

It is that time of year again.

If you’re North of the border, you’re hitting Summer Holidays. Zombies (teens with default “I’m bored” settings); Vampires (pre-teens with inability to earn their own money, drive themselves anywhere, and clean up own mess); and Trolls (creative parents on the web who brag about how great they are making the Summer Holidays while pouring a little more whiskey into their coffee cup, wearing the same PJ’s from two days ago… and have no idea where the kids are in that equation).

If you’re South, then you have Winter and all the germ-fests your spawnlings can dive into. Ick. I just saw a Green Stripe on their sleeve. And THAT spawnling should definitely not be at preschool without a HAZMAT suit. Hell, give ME the HAZMAT suit – even just for the school pick-up.

Either way, you are going to need a survival plan. One that has you managed, settled, and ready to run – without giving too much away to the spawnlings.

Enter: Nerdy with Children!!


They have provided you with some basic ideas on how to avoid the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse! And they have done it in a very smart way. How to prepare your ‘bug-out’ bag, books to include for preparation, and some crafty ways to prepare your self-defence skills. Nice.


I’ll be honest – I’m really feeling the love for the rest of their website too. It just screams to the geeky side of me, but hey – if they can provide me with a bit of fun in preparing the spawnlings for total world destruction, reconstruction, and domination – they deserve an Evil Genius Parent Award.

Check out their Facebook page too – and say thank you for the considerate thought to help you survive. I’ll need surviving minions after Z-Day.

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