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Evil Genius Parent Award #38

I’ve been holding on to this one for a few days – shared diligently by aspiring EG Parent Dallas F.

See, the thing about parenting is everyone has an opinion. From the moment you mention you have spawned, everyone believes they have the best advice to give you. Of course, they know best so you HAVE to listen to them. Even the interwebs gets in on the action – look at what you are reading right now. Sucker.

The beauty of being an Evil Genius Parent is the only thing you care about is staying one step ahead of the spawnling. Anything more is eating in to your world domination time. For example, you don’t need to know everything about Astronomy and Space exploration – just know enough to answer each question as it comes (Star Trek is REALLY useful for this!!) – this will mean having a moderate idea of where your spawnling sits on the spectrum.

The Daddy Complex

And now this parenting style has been given a name, thanks to The Daddy Complex: CTFD.

David has summed up a brilliant approach to remind us all to chill out. Some things about parenting can and should be fun. Being an Evil Genius doesn’t mean your spawnling needs to know everything before any other minion on the block. Nor do you need to sign them up to every extra-curricular activity known to mankind.

Since starting this blog, I’ve come across some parents who think I am pushing my kids to be something their not. Au contraire, my un-imaginative minions – Most of my parenting is pretty low key, child-led, and fits into my own brilliant geek-interests. I’m pretty lazy – in case you hadn’t noticed. And that’s why I like the CTFD principle.

So do you think I might experience any issues if I start yelling this to parents at the park?

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